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The Doctor finnuly looked up from his contruls and asked you a quetion."Would you like to see the stars?" You nodded your head slowly,but it was enough to make him smail on his squarish face. With a few twist and turns on some of the contrules, the Tardis made a strange nouse and anouther unconfortible ride, but this time, ther was no landing.

Doctor flashed you with anuther grin as he pulled a lever. The doors open,sending inside a dark, blue glow from the outside."Go on, ther not gonna bite you."The Doctor urged you when you hesitated to go and see. You slowly go down the steps and gaze out of the blue box. gasp.

Outside, was or is a  world full of stars, shinning and blinking.Your eyes was wide open as you took it all in. How is this possiple? You wander in your head. How can I even breath in space?Part of you whanted to ask the questions, but you didn't whant to ruend this once in a life time moment, science sometime have the effect on everything,sadly.

"If I were you,I'd breath right now."The Doctor was right beside you now,leing aganst the door fram. Seening him almost made you jump becouse you didn't hear him walking up to you. Then you relize he was right and after taking a big breath,you contenue to look at the beutifule,white,spots in the violet sea.

"Ther are so many..."You say in a dream like."And so tiny...""Some of them arn't even stars,maby planits and satulits."Said the Doctor factly."Wow..."You reply. Then out of the blue, the tall man asked you "Would you like to get a closer look at them?" You brake your gaze as you turn to look at him questionly."Come on." He said as he hold out his hand to you. You  looked at it for a moment, then with a small smail spreading on your face, you exepted it.

Then he pulled you out of the Tardis, which cuose you to panic."WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOUING?"You cried as you broke from his hand and back away from the tall man and deeper into the safty of the blue box."It's ok, I'm not gouing to let you go.""But thats space! I'll die if I go out ther!"The Doctor looked at you in kindness as he asked "Hve you ever heard of Trust?""You meen as in the game?""Yes, Do you know what the rules are?" "Yeah.""Have you ever played it with more than just one purson?""no" You reply, getting slightly tierd of thes quetions."How about with a ladder?""....Noo?"

"Well ther is anuther way of playing Trust,You have a group of people in a curcule, with a person in the middle. Eyes closed and arms tuked in, that purson leans wher ever he or she whants to and the people,the spoters,have to gently push him or her to anouther spoter. Anuther one is when the purson is on the ground and the spoters lifts him or her up apove their heads and gently put the purson back on the ground,same rules." "Ok, but what douse it have to do with a ladder?" "Ah, that is the most dangris one. The pirson climes three or four(if you are really daring) and knowing that the spoters are below,with the same rules eyes closed and ares cross,falls backuord to the gound and they chach him or her with ther arms linkd together.It might seems scary yes but I like that one" You stare at him in shoke."Ok, whats the point of that one?" "Well,the one that pushes you around,it makes me ill,people lifting me up,meh, but the ladder one is facunating becouse,"

Doctor then smails as he said "It alouse men and women,boys and girls to experints a thrill they might never have,to sharpin one sences,but most of all...It helps to make friend by earing their tust.To let you know that they will give you encourigning smail on your first day of High school,to give you a shoulder when you need to cry,to cach you if you fall."

Silents toke over as you pounder on what he said. Do people realy do that to earn trust?It sounds so dangris,but....You look at the Doctor again. His smail was encurigning and his eyes was filled with...wisdom. Liked he looked older than he apper, almost like looking into a loving grandfarther.

When he offered you his hand,You took it again,and this time, you did not pull away when he pulled you out of the Tardis. As you grasp his hand tightly you looked back at the stars.

It was hair suirled around as you were floting in air as you were floting in the space. The moment was unspeakuble, too wondrerfule to describe the feeling inside you...Like you were underwater...all was calm...quiet...peaceful.You close your eyes as you inbrase the glory of the univires. It was so many places and so many creachersa and made you reulise that earth was not alone,that it was just a small speck,but it was perfit.

The Doctors smail widen as he gently pulled you in side(His arms wher getting tierd)and giving you no time to let the experiints to sink in,he asked in a very exited voice "Well now that is over, lets go some where. And it has to be amazing and imposible. Someplace you'v always whant to be. Go on tell me,The choise is yours."
A little something I've writing a while ago and then just added the extra stuff in.

So Hi! Theis is my first story, Yay! Those of you who wishes to be with the Doctor, any one of them, I hope this will help you to get a little closer to be his copamion.

So any way, Happy reading =D
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eliley Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Magical. Love experiencing what a companion goes through the first time.
Good job :)
weeya1 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
xCats-Of-Olympusx Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
As a huge fan of Doctor Who, I have to ask on behalf of Whovians everywhere;

What's with the grammar? I mean, what? I can't even read this. Is this written in the perspective of an illiterate or something? In the perspective of someone from a ghetto? I mean I'm not judging, I just really want to know what is happening here.
weeya1 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
OK.sorry,but I have Jane Astens curse,I can't spell to save my life. I'll try to fix this as best as I can.
xCats-Of-Olympusx Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
I just find it odd how your Artist Comment and this reply are spelled fine. Oh well.
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