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Olivia McManus
United States
Hi there! My name is Olivia McManus, but you can call me Weeya, Livy, Live.

But you can't call me late to dinner XD

So, anyway, welcome to my page! I know it doesn't look much, but I am planning to add more later on. I am a super-ultra-mega nerd about lots of stuff like movies, actors, books, a few games (dispict that I don't have anX-Box, I just watch people play them ^^; ), and TV-Shows.

If you need someone to nerd or geek out on a certen stuff, I'll be right here and we can nerd out! =D As you can see, I am a writer and I am a bit lazy. (Mom: A bit? Weeya1: well, so do you. Mom: That's true.) If you have a request for me, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

If any of you are in need to tell someone about your bad day, or an argument, or something sad that happen, I'll be here and I'll make you smile.

.....I'm not trying to sound creepy, I just want to help as best I can.

OH! And I am what people would call an old soul, I know old movies, historical people, old music, and more. So if you need a helpful insight of an old movie, I'll do my best to awnser it.

So, just go ahead and read, or comment, or move on. Untill then,

Happy Reading =D
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Alright guys, as of right now, I will take in requests. And it can be any fandom. But here is the rules:

1.) I must know about this fandom. If I don't then please inform me about it and I will do my best to wright up a story.
2.) Gore, blood, and death is allowed. I kinda like scary stories that involve blood.


3.) There will be no, repeat, NO sex involved. The reason why is because I am clueless on how to wright it out. So if any of you ask for apples and oranges, then I will have to decline in. Although fluff is allowed.

(What do you mean it's lemon and lime?)

4.) No matter what, I am going to be lazy, so please don't be mad at me if I don't get the story down.
(This doesn't count as a rule)

5.) I can put in swear words, but there will be censored. For example:

Samual L. Jackson: There is mother f#^@$ snakes on this mother f@&*%
(HAHA!! That never gets old)

6.) Be specific. If you want me to wright out Batman, please tell me which Batman is it. Batman; the animated seires, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, or Batman from Justice League. That is just an example.

7.) Never talk about Fight Club.

8.) Never, ever talk about Fight Club.

Okay, I think I have covered everything up. So yeah, go right ahead. Get crazy with an idea and I'll see what I can do.

So, Nerd on and Happy Reading! =D


On Sunday, there was a wall that was meant to keep people in.

But later on in the years, it was to keep people out.

It was terrible for the people in the East, for they did not have much of anything they needed.

Until the 1987, a man form America came over and said "Tear down this wall!" and the people will soon be free to cross over to the other side and be themselves.

Monday was the day that the U.S Marines were born into the Revelutionary War.

It all started in a bar, where two men from the military were asking themselves,

"How can we beat this war? We need more men to fight."

The man beside them turned to them and said,

"I'll fight for ya."

No sooner then he said it, the whole bar was willing to fight for their rights too.

Their first fight was on the beach, where the Brits were camping.

They ran to them, yelling and staring at them with the deadliest look they could muster.

The Redcoats never had a chance.

On Tuesday, Veterans who served in the military are remembered for their work on the field and at home.

They are  meant to be respected, for most of them have seen Hell, and spent half of their lives defending our homes.

But all of these three days have one thing in common.

They are the days that that people fought for their rights.

Their freedoms.

Their lives.

And may we not forget their sacrifices for it.
Three days of Remember
So as you could tell, on November 9th was the fall of the Berlin Wall. On the 10th was the birthday for the U.S Marinas. They are 239 years old. 11th of November is Ventrens day.

Sorry if this was too short. And as always,

Happy Readings =D

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Why did you favourite 'Raksha'? It has nothing to do with you, and is of relatively low-quality. Please, tell me.

weeya1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Okay, first of all, that is really low-blow for you to say that to yourself.

And secondly, I faved it because I like how well thought you put into her. Not only at the design of the drawing of her, but of her back ground and of her personality. The design chought my Attention, and I really like how she is. I like strange things and beings. What's not to like them?

I'm not saying that she is strange, she is one of the coolist elf I've ever seen. I do hope that you make another drawing of her with color. If you like, I could wright a little story of her meeting an adverncher or something.

That's how much I like this drawing. I hope this is enough to awenser your question.
Echo-Bell Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh. Thank you, very much. If you want to write about her, I guess, go ahead. I'm glad that you like her. And I apologize for several autocorrect errors in the typing. The iPad lags heavily when I post these things, so I tend not to notice them:<

 I'm truly glad that you like her; she's also my current favourite, of twenty or thirty OCs. 

Just remember to credit her to me :]
Thank you again, 
weeya1 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
You are most welcome! And yes I will credit you. I always do.

Warning: wrighter tends to be a bit lazy, so the story might be coming later. How do you want it to be like? What type of outfit does she like to wear? Please send me a bit of info and I'll get started.

Pps: darn those spell checks!!!! XD
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