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Olivia McManus
United States
Hi there! My name is Olivia McManus, but you can call me Weeya, Livy, Live.

But you can't call me late to dinner XD

So, anyway, welcome to my page! I know it doesn't look much, but I am planning to add more later on. I am a super-ultra-mega nerd about lots of stuff like movies, actors, books, a few games (dispict that I don't have anX-Box, I just watch people play them ^^; ), and TV-Shows.

If you need someone to nerd or geek out on a certen stuff, I'll be right here and we can nerd out! I have a chat room called RoomofFandom, a place where everybody can chill and geek out with other fellow nerds.=D As you can see, I am a writer and I am a bit lazy. (Mom: A bit? Weeya1: well, so do you. Mom: That's true.) If you have a request for me, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

If any of you are in need to tell someone about your bad day, or an argument, or something sad that happen, I'll be here and I'll make you smile.

.....I'm not trying to sound creepy, I just want to help as best I can.

OH! And I am what people would call an old soul, I know old movies, historical people, old music, and more. So if you need a helpful insight of an old movie, I'll do my best to awnser it.

So, just go ahead and read, or comment, or move on. Untill then,

Happy Reading =D
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So I no have tumblr account!!

you can find it here! ->

Funny thing is: Mom has an account too.

And we made a silent vow to never look at each others stuff on the internet.

so yeah..

Happy Reading =D


Slappys secret page 4 (story included) by weeya1
Slappys secret page 4 (story included)
~Olivia was in shock. Did she really heard a voice from Slappy? Did she even heard it right? Did he mean her.....?

Fear began to take hold of her once more. But m10 times more, making her feel cold, have trouble breathing, and almost cry out. Ashly must have took noticed of Olivias expression because asked her "Are you okay Livy?" The brown headed woman jumped a bit, whipping her head to her friend so fast that her glasses fall off. "Oh! Ummm yeah, I just remembered that I have tons of Math to do." She lied. She turned to her sisters and paused right there and looked at them They were still laughing at her jokes and the funny voices she made for them. Olivia ran up stairs to her room (almost jumping over her dogs) and threw the dummy inside, not caring where he landed, before she closed the door. Her hand was still on the handle, clutching to it as if it was the one thing that was keeping her mind on Earth. "Olivia?" She jumped a bit and turned to look behind her. Ashly followed her here and was looking at her in a worried state. "Olivia, are you okay? Is there something wrong?" She asked. Olivia wanted to tell her what she had heard, she wanted to express her fear to a friend, someone who might help. But she couldn't......

She knows that what ever she would say about the dummy chilling words would make her look crazy. That her friend, and family would have doubts about her. That was something she did not wanted. At lest, she wanted to wait out until she somehow have proof. "Yeah, I'm so sorry. It's just college getting to me." Her blue haired-dyed friend nodded slowly as if she didn't believe in her, but accepted it anyway. "Well, I have to go home anyway." "Oh, let me walk you out." Olivia offered politely, wanted to get away from her own room, her sanctuary. They said their good-byes and exchange hugs before Olivia had to go back to the room where she was nervuise to enter. As she open the door and walked in, her nurvisness grew. As if she was afraid that it was waiting for her.

She froze on the spot when she saw what was in front of her. Slappy the Dummy, whom she last saw was near her computer, was sitting neatly near the edge of her bed. But the biggest thing she noticed was the blood-red writings on her dirty floor that read "No telling."~

Don't mind me, just posting up some late comic.
I'm still debating if I should just take the whole thing down and remake it with some else instead of me.

Happy Reading =D
Slappy Secret pg 2 (story included)
~Night came in like a blanket layed down gently on top of a sleepy child. And that's how everyone in the McManus house felt like after a long day of their activities. Olivia plugged in her phone that bare a Muppet cover put it on the window sill, and took off her glasses. Placing them next to her, she looked around in her dark room. Remembering her day, she looked at the back of her new dummys head that leaned against her bed. She doesn't like toys looking at her while she was asleep. It felt like she was being watched. Yawning for the last time, she muttered her prayer. At the word "Amen" her eyelids of two dumbells snap shut and she was off in slumber-land. Outside of the house was little noises of a late driver passing by, dogs barking in the distant, and strollers chattering about how crappy their day was. There were little noises too inside the house, like the washing matchean and her fathers loud  snoring. It was like this for an hour, small things that's what makes everything peacefull for the family. Then.......

There was silent.

It was as if some one pushed the mute button on life. Slowly, a figure stood up in Olivias room. It stooped still as if it hasn't been walking for a very long time. Then, it walked (unsteadly) to the door. Opening the door wider, a small, rusty voice came out of the strangers mouth.



Olivias brown eyes snapped wide open when she heard the alarm on her phone blearing out it's alarm. Groggily, she reached up to the still and turned it off. "Thank the holy cheese lord that it's only Thursday." She muttered as she sat up. Her English class didn't started until 1:00. Which gives her plenty of sleep to catch up on as well as some college work. She still has to feed her many dogs. Putting on her glasses, she walked out of room and headed downstairs. "Truffle, Lena." She called out softly so that none of her family would wake up. But they never came. Olivia figured they will come down soon as soon as she was done with Norman. Heading into the kitchen, she yawned again before looking up and gasped in shock.

Above her was one of the family's chicken, gently swinging back and forth with it's blood dripping onto the floor.~


Yelp! This was over due. Just seen the film and holy cats, it was amazing!!!!

Second page and already we have blood. I'm sorry if this is too violent for some of you and yeah, I know that it's a bit too much for Goosebumps.
But I'm not planning on taking this down.

Please feel free to leave a comment and questions.

Happy Reading =D
Chip the cup by weeya1
Chip the cup
I'm sure you all are awear of Starbucks making their cup red.

And the fandom of Once Upon A Time is taking this all in with care.
Slappy's Secret page 3 (story included) by weeya1
Slappy's Secret page 3 (story included)
~It has been a full week since the death of the chicken was founded in the kitchen. Olivia was still in shock, all the doors were locked, they have three dogs in the house and yet none of them barked. Who would even do this? Why even? As far as the brown headed woman could tell, she as no enemies. Maybe for her dad perhaps? He looked angry and adamantly scared at the same time when he called the police. They keep the scene hidden from her younger sisters (Portia knew almost half of it.) Now, Olivia was afraid to sleep in her own home. She told the whole thing to one of her good friends in college and she asked if she could come to keep her company. Which comes to today. All of her sisters were in the fun room watching MLP:FIM while Olivia showed Ashly where the dead fowl was founded. "Wow...that is messed up." "I know." "And there was no evidence of anyone breaking in?" "No! It's so weird, our dogs would have let us known there was an intruder here. That's one of the reasons why we have dogs." Said Olivia as she sat down at the table. "Your sisters don't know about it?" asked the blue-hair woman as she followed the suit. "No, except Portia. Well, only half of it. But even without knowing it, they know something is wrong." "Well, maybe they should know about it." "Oh yeah, we told them we lost a hen. But not the one about it being in here." "Hi Weeya." said Portia as she walked in to grab a glass of milk. "Hi kiddo." "Hey. How's Slappy doing?" She asked. "Slappy?" echoed Ashly with a questioning expression crossed over her face. "He's Olivias dummy." "Wait, you have a dummy?" "Oh yeah! I found him in an antic store. I thought he kinda looked like Charlie McCarthy, an old dummy that was played by a famos actor, so I thought "What the heck?" and got him." "Cool! Can you do trick with him?" " I can I'll be right back."

Few seconds later, Olivia came back with Slappy in her arms. "Here he is." Olivia adnounce. "Wow...he is creepy looking. How do you sleep at night with that thing in the same room?" "Easy, I just put a t-shirt on him." "Ha." Olivia walked to the fun room, followed by Ashly and Portia, and sat down on the beat-up old couch. "Slappys out!" "Can I play with Slappy?" Shouted her sisters. "Wait, I'm here to do a few tricks with him." explained the oldest. "What kind of tricks?" Asked Petra the second red head. "Maybe if you'll wait, you might get an answer." Said a deep, reduculise sounding voice. Her sisters jumped when the dummys talked back to them. Olivia was using one of her voices she had chose, which her sisters called "One million dollors voice". They laughed and began to ask Slappy questions, to which Olivia gladly replyed. She was having fun for the first time. Ashly was laughing along the half of the family, seeing all of the smiling faces made her filled with happy.

While everyone was laughing, Olivia froze when she heard a tiny, raspy voice that said "I should have used one of them...."~


I HAAAAAAAATTTTTTEEEE this page. I did not like how it turned out.
Sorry for the delay folks, got a bit distracted for a while.

Anywho, I'm going into this little debate wither I should continue this or not. Or just take this down and use some made up person to be the victom here then me.

I don't know, WELP! Please comment or note me and as always,

Happy Reading =D

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