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Olivia McManus
United States
Hi there! My name is Olivia McManus, but you can call me Weeya, Livy, Live.

But you can't call me late to dinner XD

So, anyway, welcome to my page! I know it doesn't look much, but I am planning to add more later on. I am a super-ultra-mega nerd about lots of stuff like movies, actors, books, a few games (dispict that I don't have anX-Box, I just watch people play them ^^; ), and TV-Shows.

If you need someone to nerd or geek out on a certen stuff, I'll be right here and we can nerd out! =D As you can see, I am a writer and I am a bit lazy. (Mom: A bit? Weeya1: well, so do you. Mom: That's true.) If you have a request for me, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

If any of you are in need to tell someone about your bad day, or an argument, or something sad that happen, I'll be here and I'll make you smile.

.....I'm not trying to sound creepy, I just want to help as best I can.

OH! And I am what people would call an old soul, I know old movies, historical people, old music, and more. So if you need a helpful insight of an old movie, I'll do my best to awnser it.

So, just go ahead and read, or comment, or move on. Untill then,

Happy Reading =D
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Resuntly, I have stumble upon the wonder, horrific world of Hammer Production. 

Most of you who don't know what it is, it in a movie company that makes horror movies. And it is awesome! Most of their movies has Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and last, BUT not lest, Vincent Price.The three Prince of Horror  Squee Bounce Anna squee :happybounce:excited happy:nerd:(Good LORD I'm such a nerd....). I forgot how I started watching, but I somehow gotten my self in it.

While watching these wonderful, but gory movies, I thought "Maybe I should do a review on these."

What do you guys think? Should I do reviews that had the talented actors? Will anyone even watch it after I'm done?

Please leave a comment. 

Happy Reading.

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Anywho, your welcome again =D
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