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The day was simply beautiful. The sun was shinning, the birds was chirping away, children were screaming with happiness and joy with their parents. Yes, it was really the most beautiful day sense.....

Well, sense he was last here.

Kermit sighed as he rode on his bicycle towards his swamp. As he peddle onto the dirt path, the little frog could shake off the lonely feeling that was growing in the beginning of the morning. Memories of his father flowed into his mind as Kermit rode into the docks. He hopped off the yellow bicycle, lean it against a tree and walked along the shore of the land. His webbed feet silently padded against the dirty ground, his head hung low in sadness.

It wasn't long before he found a log. He walked up to it and sat down it. Then, he got out his banjo that was strapped on his back and started to play a song. At first, the tune goes off well, but then the notes got jumble up. Kermit tried to get the song going, but it just keeps getting out of hand. Soon, Kermit gave out a frustrated sigh and laid his intrustiment on the ground. The frog then put his head onto his hands and closed his eyes. The feeling of sadness was now huge inside him. It was almost to the point were he was about to cry.


Kermit's head whipped up and turned around to the source of the sound. Behind him was the famous Mickey Mouse, one leg was raised above a broken branch. It explain the sound. Mickey had a sheepish look on his white face. He raised his gloved hand and waved to the green frog. "Hee hee, hi." He said. Normally, Kermit would reply back happy and with kindness. But today, all he said was, "Hi...umm...would you please...." "I know, ya want me to leave." Said the famous mouse as he stuffed his hands inside of his pockets and walked over to him.

Mickey stood by the log, looking down at his friend. Finally, after a minuet, he asked, "Do you want to talk about him?" Kermit made no reply, but then he shook his head yes. Mickey sat down beside him. The sounds of the swamp was comforting. The flow of the water, the hum of the bees, and the swishing of the trees above them. "Today is his birthday." said Kermit. "I know." "And the whole gang made a party for him." "So I've heard." Said Mickey, taking his hands out of his pockets. "I tried to join in the fun, I tried to be happy. I really did. But...but.." The mouse looked at his frog friend with a questionably look. "But what?" Tears threaten to come out of Kermits eyes, so he put his head in his hands and softly cried.

"But it isn't the same with out Jim."

He finally reviled his true reason for being here. "He would come to our parties that we have planed out for him, no matter if it ended with a bang or fire. And then after words, we would all come to this swamp and we would play 'Happy Birthday' to him. Ever sense he died, I have been coming here in hopes that I will hear his voice one last time. I....I...I miss him."

Mickey didn't say anything, but lifted his white, gloved hand and patted the frogs green back in comfort. The tears slowly started to trickle out of his fingers and fall onto the leafy, ground. "I miss his laughter, I miss his kindness, I miss his love to give joy and happiness to everyone in the world." Silents then fall onto them. "How do you do it?" He asked Mickey, lifting his head up to him, eyes glistened with tears. "How can you go on living on with out your creator? What is your secret?" Mickey looked a bit shocked by these questions, then looked to the ground. He thought for the right words he could say to the grief stricken frog for almost a full three minuets. Then at last, he said,

"I really didn't go on."

"Huh?" Kermit asked. "I have never let go of my creator. Like you, I still miss him. And I wish that he has never died. But," He looked at Kermit with a smile. "I also remember how had he changed the world with his films, words, parks, ideas. After a few years, I kept thinking 'How can I go on as a immortal with out the one who gave me life?' I then remember that he would never let me to be let down by his death. He would have me live on, giving children a laugh, to make the adults smile, and to give everyone happiness. He would have me go on in his name."

"And....maybe Jim would want you do the same as well. As well as the others. They need you to keep on going for him."

Kermit sniffed, and wiped away his tears. ".....Thank you." They smiled at each other. "Would you like to help me sing 'Happy Birthday'?" "Sure!"

Kermit happily picked up his banjo, strummed the strings a bit, and then he started to sing. Mickey joined in.

And they sanged a song after song for a full three hours.
A Birthday in the swamp.
Today is Jim Hindsums birthday (sorry I got his name wrong) and it is another year that Kermit misses him. I had this whole story in my head for a long time. And then while I was reading about him in Wike, I found this pic ->Mickeykermit.

That kinda scared me a bit because I have thought of this before I saw the art.

Well, any way, Jim, thank you for your Sesames Street, your Dark Crystal, The Laprinth. And most of all, thank you for giving us the Muppets. Because with out you and your wonderful, zanny family, we would have never have something we can turn to. Something to smile at.

I know that you will be having fun with Walt Disney, laughing and singing songs among with the other greatest.

Happy Reading =D


Olivia McManus
United States
Hi there! My name is Olivia McManus, but you can call me Weeya, Livy, Live.

But you can't call me late to dinner XD

So, anyway, welcome to my page! I know it doesn't look much, but I am planning to add more later on. I am a super-ultra-mega nerd about lots of stuff like movies, actors, books, a few games (dispict that I don't have anX-Box, I just watch people play them ^^; ), and TV-Shows.

If you need someone to nerd or geek out on a certen stuff, I'll be right here and we can nerd out! =D As you can see, I am a writer and I am a bit lazy. (Mom: A bit? Weeya1: well, so do you. Mom: That's true.) If you have a request for me, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

If any of you are in need to tell someone about your bad day, or an argument, or something sad that happen, I'll be here and I'll make you smile.

.....I'm not trying to sound creepy, I just want to help as best I can.

OH! And I am what people would call an old soul, I know old movies, historical people, old music, and more. So if you need a helpful insight of an old movie, I'll do my best to awnser it.

So, just go ahead and read, or comment, or move on. Untill then,

Happy Reading =D
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May we always remember the fallen. The ones who have lost their lifes because of our ambitions and our honor.

May we remember the one who were not meant to die. The young and old, it all came too fast for them.

May we remember the one who are still morning over their lost loved ones. When even today, they still feel an aching part of their hear and soul of loneliness and emptiness.

May we not forget as to why we are at war. To fight and to destroy those who would do such a thing like this ever again.

May we remember as to why we have a moment of silents in schools on this very day.

Because of the crash of 9/11.

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